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The Journal of Behavioral Finance

In The Journal of Behavioral Fianance leaders in many fields are brought together to address the implications of current work on individual and group emotion, cognition, and action for the behavior of markets. They include specialists in personality, social, and clinical psychology; psychiatry; organizational behavior; accounting; marketing; sociology; anthropology; behavioral economics; finance; and the multidisciplinary study of judgment and decision making. The journal will foster debate among groups who have keen insights into the behavioral patterns of markets but have not historically published in the more traditional financial and economic journals. Further, it will stimulate new interdisciplinary research and theory that will build a body of knowledge about the psychological influences on market fluctuations. The most obvious benefit will be a new understanding of markets that can greatly improve investment decision making. Another benefit will be the opportunity for behavioral scientists to expand the scope of their studies via the use of the enormous databases that document behavior in markets.


Brian R. Bruce, Editor, is Founder and CEO at Hillcrest Asset Management and Director of the Center for Investment Research.


Personality, social, and organizational psychologists; clinical and counseling psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals; specialists in consumer behavior and marketing; specialists in the multidisciplinary study of judgment and decision making; practitioners and researchers in finance and accounting; specialists in behavioral economics; economic sociologists; and anthropologists.


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