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Journal of Trading

The Journal of Trading

Institutional Investor Journals (II Journals) are created for industry professionals and written by leading practitioners and academics. They provide detailed analyses and strategic insights that can be translated into implementable ideas in global investment management and finance.

The Journal of Trading (JOT) ) gives you in-depth analysis of new tools and strategies in institutional trading and shows you how to use them in a practical way. JOT aims to provide critical intelligence on algorithmic trading, execution options, liquidity issues, trading platforms, and analytical models.  You get the practical tools to review and measure trade execution performance; conduct pre- and post-trade analysis and transaction cost analysis; evaluate commission allocations and trading strategies; achieve best execution and avoid trading pitfalls and control transaction costs and minimize overall costs.  JOT is ideal for senior-level buy- and sell-side traders, institutional investors and portfolio managers, and brokers and dealers of investment firm.


Brian R. Bruce, Editor, is Founder and CEO at Hillcrest Asset Management and Director of the Center for Investment Research.


Corporate pension fund managers, Portfolio managers, Treasurers, Investment advisors


4 issues a year
Spring (March), Summer (June), Fall (September), Winter (December)


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