Founded in 1993 by a prominent group of academics, The Center for Investment Research is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation brought into existence in response to the growing need for practical research designed to enhance the abilities of institutional money managers and sophisticated individual investors. The Center has funded research projects at a number of prestigious institutions. Among them are Stanford University; the University of Santiago, Chile; Louisiana State University; the University of Texas at Austin; Yale University; UCLA; Duke University; Boston University; Purdue University; Georgetown University; University of Southern Queensland, Australia; University of Denver; Columbia University; University of Missouri; Santa Clara University; Arizona State University; and University of Oregon.

The Center for Investment Research Founding Directors

Harry Markowitz (Deceased)
Nobel Laureate

Roger Ibbotson
Yale University

Lawrence Klein (Deceased)
Nobel Laureate

William Reichenstein
Baylor University

Robert Aliber
University of Chicago

Brian Bruce
The Journal of Behavioral Finance