Student Managed Investment Fund Ranking

This ranking is the result of a survey of over 500 student-managed investment funds. The schools contacted for the survey have verified the fund AUM (assets under management), as of 12/31/2023. The Top 25 are listed below.

A student managed investment fund is a class or program that provides participating students an opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in security research, valuation of risky assets, and portfolio management.  These classes allow students to manage live investment portfolios in preparation for entering the job market.

This survey was undertaken to highlight the significant assets that students manage. The Center reached out to a number of sources to find all of the colleges and universities that had these programs. Each school was then contacted to confirm the assets at year end.


The Center plans to update this survey on an annual basis. We encourage schools that are not listed here to contact us at with their asset information so they can be included in future surveys.

Center for Investment Research