The Center sponsors independent, in-depth research on current issues important to investors and investment professionals. 

The Center for Investment Research Grants program is intended to support investment research projects. In keeping with the Center’s mission, this program aims to fund academic work that will contribute to the improvement of our understanding of investments.

Review Criteria

The review process for grant proposals is thorough and careful. After an initial staff review, the strongest proposals are sent to successful established external reviewers. Based on their ratings and staff recommendations, a limited number of proposals are funded. Common reasons for declining proposals prior to external review include the following:

  • The project has a limited or inadequate conceptual or theoretical framework.
  • The project has a limited or inadequate discussion of research design and methods.
  • The primary purpose of the proposed project is not research.

External reviews weigh heavily in our decision to fund or decline a given proposal. However, given large numbers of proposals, we often have to make choices, based on the expected quality and contribution of proposed studies from a pool of promising submissions.